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We’re just captivated by the stories behind the businesses we work with. Each business owners' story is so unique and fascinating. We can’t wait to hear yours. So we figured we should share ours.


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Dale Henry

My personal mission statement: “Help ordinary people accomplish extraordinary things …and have fun in the process.

I’ve lived by that belief for over 30 years (not exactly a new thing for me) regardless of the role I played at the time. And I’ve had the good fortune of playing quite a few.

I’ve held senior management roles in fast growing companies; advised/consulted to over 50 Fortune 500 companies, asked to improve the performance (and hopefully the lives) of over 1.2 million people throughout North America; helped mid-sized businesses develop 'great leaders of great teams' throughout their organization; and coached and equipped small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs in how to build strong and profitable businesses.

I currently own three businesses, all focused on different aspects of my personal mission statement. I am most blessed and excited by this opportunity to partner with my amazing daughter Ashley in her vision to create this platform to ensure entrepreneurs prosper.

Ashley Ebert

As a lifelong entrepreneur, I feel called to help others chase their dreams. I became an entrepreneur at the young age of 23 (with the help of an amazing business coach aka: Dad!)

I quickly realized that it would take more than just a dream to give me the future I had always pictured for myself. I needed to evolve and sharpen my skills to become extremely dedicated to my vision.

This meant years of sacrifice, years of failing, years of incredibly hard work. Over those years, I build grit beyond what I thought possible, and my favorite part - because of the commitment I had for growth - I studied success principles constantly and learned from hundreds of entrepreneurs what it took to push beyond perceived boundaries.

When I started my wedding planning company, The Simply Elegant Group, I was a one-woman operation. I never dreamed that years later, I would grow the business to a team of 50 employees in 8 different states. As a natural-born connector, I now get to share what I’ve learned through The Abundance Group. I’m proof that when you’re intentional about the approach and attitude you bring into every interaction, you will build a future that’s paved with abundance and joy.

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