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Stop the Burnout & Let's Get Control of Your Wedding Business

While Confidently Booking More Couples Who Truly Trust You

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“Running a wedding business shouldn’t be this hard...”


Maybe you’ve quietly said this to yourself after a long, jam-packed wedding weekend. Exhausted doesn’t even begin to cover how you feel. 

The inevitable “wedding hangover.” 

It happens whenever you feel drained from the energy, pressure, and adrenaline of producing a wedding on the weekend, but then need to turn right around starting Monday to keep the business side afloat. The cycle never seems to end.

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As you try to juggle #AllTheThings, you might struggle with:

  • Generating inquiries from couples who can’t wait to work with YOU instead of price shoppers
  • Determining how much time you should spent on marketing vs. other business tasks
  • Booking more couples from your sales meetings
  • Standing out in an overly saturated local market
  • Pivoting during unexpected times, like the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Building a strong referral network with other wedding planners, venues, and pros
  • But one thing’s for sure: 
To see lasting change, you’ll need to put the focus back on growing your wedding business, not just grinding every day.  We’re here to help you simplify, streamline, and successfully scale your wedding business with your unique vision in mind.

Imagine if you could...

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raise your profits so you can grow in a sustainable way

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feel like you’re in total control of your wedding business

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work the amount of hours you want for the income you want

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book out your wedding calendar with couples you'd call friends

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resist the need to work every weekend during busy season just to stay afloat

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build a wedding business that orbits around your life rather than the other way around

We're here to help.



The Abundance Group


Business Coaching for Wedding Pros


We created an all-in-one coaching and education solution for wedding pros who want to grow and scale their business in a profitable and sustainable way. After building one of the largest wedding planning companies in the country with revenue grossing over $3 million (and counting!), we're sharing everything we know about business so you can succeed!

“Signing up for The Abundance Group is one of the BEST decisions we’ve made for our business! Before TAG, we were all over the place, trying to figure everything out on our own. TAG has given us a roadmap to success, but the best thing we received was full access to Dale and Ashley! They’re so genuine, knowledgeable, and just want to help and advise you. It’s nice to know you’re not alone.”

– Emily, co-founder of Style Society (event rentals)

“I was flying by the seat of my pants in the first 6 years of running my wedding planning business, but once Ashley introduced TAG, I knew I had to jump in! I trusted Ashley because of the successful businesses she’s worked on outside of TAG. My business has grown and added new team members since my TAG investment! I’m so grateful I joined!”

– Laine, founder of Laine Palm Designs (wedding planning)





80% of our members cover our cost by booking just ONE more wedding.


But we don’t stop there.

If you think our strategic coaching will help you book more than one additional wedding each year (we know it will!), you’ll make a significant return from your investment in TAG. That means more profit in your pocket! 

With our world-class education and ongoing business coaching, we see many members double or triple their sales numbers after investing in their wedding business through TAG.


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Meet Your Wedding Business Coaches
We understand wedding pros because we’re in the trenches with you!

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Together, we are the dad-daughter duo who grew Ashley’s wedding planning business into the super streamlined and profitable operation you see today, grossing over $3 million in sales (and counting)—with a team of over 40 women across 8 different locations.

But, like many small business owners, it all started as a self-funded one-woman operation.

I (Ashley) remember what it was like to chase after new leads and work FAR too many hours for what I was earning (if I even remembered to pay myself at all!).

As I faced new obstacles in growing my business, I had an ace in my pocket other wedding pros didn’t have at the time: my dad, who helped me set up my business for success.

(He’s a John Maxwell partner and consults on business strategy with multi-billion dollar corporations, so he clearly knows how to grow and scale!)

With my decade of wedding industry experience and my dad’s business strategies, we founded The Abundance Group to coach and educate wedding pros from a place of abundance.


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Why we’re passionate about serving wedding pros

As you encounter new challenges, rest assured we’ve faced the same ones in growing our wedding business. To put it simply, we can’t just sit on the knowledge and techniques we’ve picked up along the way—we HAVE to share them! Let us help you navigate each challenge by providing real solutions and actionable strategies that will make a lasting impact in your wedding business.


Who is it for?

This business coaching for wedding pros membership is a perfect fit if you are...
  • Struggling to consistently book your calendar solid with weddings
  • Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, burned out, or all of the above when it comes to running your business
  • Determined to get control over your business while gaining clarity and confidence
  • Have a clear vision or dream that’s driving you toward success
  • Excited about the opportunity to invest in yourself and grow your wedding business

What you'll learn inside the membership


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Discovering exactly who
your ideal client is
with our in-depth
ICP exercises and workbook.

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Proven marketing strategies
that work
with our A.W.E.S.O.M.E.
Marketing Plan

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Setting boundaries & communicating expectations with our insightful Conflict Management Workbook.

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The right way to network with other wedding pros with trainings on how to build strong industry relationships with an Attitude of Abundance

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Feeling in control of
your finances and numbers
with four easy-to-use tools that help you keep track of your finances.

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And so much more!
Take advantage of our growing course library and live group
coaching calls with replay access.

What are you waiting for?

Join us while enrollment lasts!


Here's what you'll get inside the membership

Next-Level Ongoing Business Coaching


24 Live Group Coaching Calls (valued at $15,600)

  • Twice-a-month calls taught by Ashley and Dale 
  • Live interaction with other wedding pros in our community who are asking the same questions
  • Replay access to review any time

52 Weekly Teachings (valued at $1,200)

  • Specific to wedding pros and our industry
  • Curated by Ashley, Dale, and our team
  • Sent directly to your inbox
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World-Class Education from the Experts


Business Foundations Library (valued at $4,985)

  • 5 MEGA courses all in one place
  • 36 in-depth video lessons for all levels of wedding pros
  • 40+ workbooks (and counting!) to put your plans into action

Personalized Fast Track (valued at $500)

  • Personalized quiz results to help navigate the Business Foundations Library
  • Find the most relevant course content no matter where you are in your wedding business journey
  • Step-by-step guide that’s available 24/7

BONUS: Preferred Partnership Network

It’s like the cherry on top of your membership!
We have a vetted directory of over 40 products, tools, and services providers that serve the wedding industry. 
We want to save you time from getting advice from strangers on Facebook or trying to endlessly search for the “right” tool or hire by providing a list of brands we have personal relationships with (and use them often ourselves!). 
Each of our partners also offers an incentive to TAG members to give you tangible savings through discounts, additional offers, upgrades, and more.

Our goal has always been for these partnership savings to cover MORE than the cost of your membership, and it’s become a reality for many of our members. It’s our way of making this membership a total no-brainer for you!
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“When I first started my business, I had no idea what I was really getting myself into. And now that I’m a working mom, I want to make decisions that are smart for my business and family. Having a mentor like Ashley to run to with dire questions while gaining direction and confidence was imperative to my business success. With Ashley’s advice, we even booked 5 new weddings at our first marketing event! I highly recommend investing in TAG.”

– Josie, founder of Sixpence Events & Planning (wedding planning)

Your dream wedding business starts here

Take a moment to think about where you’d like to be in your wedding business...
Maybe you want to work less hours and step away from your inbox so you can spend more quality time with your family...
Or working less weekends on higher-budget weddings so you can focus on delivering a luxury experience...
Or maybe it’s as simple as having a consistent stream of inquiries from couples you can’t wait to call friends.
No matter what your goals are, we can help you refine and build your wedding business based on what you actually desire. We can’t wait to help you get from where you are now to where you want to go!


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We’re so excited to help you thrive in your wedding business!

We know how talented this community is. You give beautiful moments to your couples and orchestrate memorable experiences for their guests. You make magic happen EVERY. SINGLE. WEEKEND.

We know that so many wedding pros are feeling lost, unsure, and overwhelmed right now. We want to see you move into feeling empowered, savvy, and hopeful about the direction of your business. Your creative talents backed by our strategic coaching will make you unstoppable. We’re ready to help you radically grow your wedding business from a place of abundance.

The question is, are you?