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Education: Video Training


Our Video Training Series.

With this intentionally designed video series, you can learn at your own place and dive into the content that you need, when you need it. Below is a visual model of how our system works.

Here are some of the design principles of The GRID and how it's intentionally built to help you.

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Education: Toolkit

Business Owner's Toolkit:

Your Personalized Downloads

These robust PDFs and Excel Docs range from checklist to templates to workbooks. Giving you a deeper dive into how to implement each of these teachings into your business in a tangible way.

Checklists - are lists of items, either tasks or decisions, you'll want to make at different points in your business journey. They are aligned with a business stage and discipline area.

Templates - are tools that you will use in the running of your business. These include such tools as basic business metric scorecards, performance review and personal development plans, or business-at-a-glance reports.

Workbooks - think of these like mega-templates. These extend the basic templates by adding more detailed or in-depth teaching than what the GRID training videos included.

Each tool - whether a checklist, template, or workbook - includes both a description of its use and purpose, as well as, instructions on exactly how to use them most effectively and how to customize them to your business.

Here is a sample of the over 35 tools you will receive

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You will not believe how valuable these tools are. And we have over 35 of them to help you navigate all the twists and turns in your business! Download our Market Research Workbook today to experience just one of our amazing tools.

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