Feeling overwhelmed with running your wedding business?

You have an exciting dream for your wedding business but sometimes feel you lack the knowledge and support you need to make it a reality. You are bombarded with hundreds of online courses  that only give you a small piece of the puzzle, but you need more than that.
Along with real knowledge you need useful tools and valuable support for your business. You need to know what essential products you should be using, and what service providers are truly in it to help you succeed.
But no one seems to bring that altogether for wedding professionals, until now. 

The Abundance Group is a Revolutionary Membership for Wedding Professionals.

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There are two core ways we help your wedding business:
Education & Savings.

Weekly Teachings with Wedding Industry Experts

A new, relevant teaching will hit your inbox every single week. These are taught by our TAG team, experts in the industry, or partners that are delivering extra special value for you. These are webinars, blogs, or other valuable live videos!

Video Training from our Business Foundations System

The ABUNDANCE GRID is a video library that features 36 modules that covers 148 separate topics. As your trusted guides, we will meet you right where you're at, and give you exactly the knowledge you need to succeed in business.

PDFs & Workbooks from our Business Foundations System

We provide you an extraordinary set of
over 35 professionally designed checklists, templates, and workbooks (editable PDFs and spreadsheets) that will make running your wedding business easier and  improve your results.

Your Fast Track to Abundance™: Customized Action Plans

Personalized step-by-step action plans to overcome the 5 common challenges every wedding pro faces. We know you're busy. That's why we created Fast Track. We focus on the 20% in your business that drives 80% of your results.

Huge Savings on Essential Business Products

To improve your cash flow, and completely cover your membership  costs, we've strategically negotiated both instant discounts and long term savings on the most valuable business products you need and will use every day.

Huge Savings with Vetted Small Business Service Providers

We've vetted hundreds of vendors and hand-picked the very best ones to help you with the work you either can't or don't want to do. (Got you discounts and incentives, too!)  So you can focus on doing what you love, and outsource the rest!

Meet your 2020 Coaches:

He is the 'consultant' content guy. She is the 'creative' connector. He's the thinker. She's the doer. He's a baby-boomer. She's, um, a lot younger than that! They're both entrepreneurs.

Together Dale and Ashley are the dad/daughter duo that had a dream to design a membership that gets you the results you have been striving for with your wedding business.


Frequently Asked Questions

Your membership give you complete access to all 6 benefits: 

●  The Weekly Teaching for Wedding Industry Experts delivered directly to your Inbox.

●  The World-Class Education in Small Business Success.

●  The Expert-Designed Wedding Pro Toolkit

●  The Fast Track to Abundance™ Customized Action Plans.

●  The Huge Savings on Essential Business Products

●  The Complete Directory of Vetted Small Business Service Providers

Yes. All 6 benefits are bundled into one affordable membership.

See this Savings Page to see a variety of examples.

Our intention, while we're unable to guarantee it, is that your savings will more than cover your annual membership fee.

Yes we do!

It’s simple really, we want you to know that we do not personally profit off any of our partnerships.

All the products and service providers that we recommend to you as a member are because we believe they are truly the best at what they do and that they will help your wedding business.

Where do the affiliate commissions go? Well, they actually go into a completely separate bank account where we use these funds to create TAG Business Grants (you'll hear more about this program in 2020) and other programs to GIVE BACK directly to our members!

We wanted to put our money where our mouth is. So we use every dime of these commissions to directly support our community. How cool is that??

All Abundance Group membership are annual, whether they are billed monthly or annually. 

If you wish to not renew at the end of any year, simply contact the TAG team 60 days in advance to let them know.

*Please note that cancelling your membership also cancels access to any Savings and discounts you received during your active membership.

The Abundance Group is a passion business project for Dale & Ashley (dad & daughter), TAG's co-founders. They have other businesses that fund their lifestyles.

Our goal with The Abundance Group is simply to provide an unmatched combination of education, business support services and savings to Wedding Pros. So you can prosper, abundantly.

The cost of a TAG membership is posted only during a small window of time when we open up to new members each year. (So most people don't actually know how inexpensive it is.)

We are willing to tell you that we consistently heard from our board of advisors that we're charging 90% less than we should.

But our objective is not to maximize our profit. Our objectives are:

  • to maximize the access for Wedding Pros to great support & guidance. 
  • to maximize our members' profit and success.

Feeling stuck in your wedding business? Wouldn't it be great to have one place you can turn to for real solutions?

Well drop your name and email below and we will add to your our email list to keep you updated on all the partnerships and new tools we create to pour into your wedding business!


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